Far-Rider Comics at Fairfax Comic Con

Far-Rider Comics at the Spring 2022 Fairfax Comic Con

The Far-Rider Comics crew had a great time at the Fairfax Comic Con in Chantilly, VA!  It was only a one day show, but was packed from open to close and had a great time meeting both attendees and fellow exhbitors.   Being the first time we've exhibited at a show/expo as anything other than ADVMoto Magazine, we were really excited to meet everyone and get crowd reactions to the project.  It was great! What anime/comic lover doesn't love adventure stories? We can tell with a lot of hard work and continued development that Far-Rider will make some waves.  Sharing...

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Far-Rider Reaches 130% Funding on Kickstarter

Far-Rider Moto Adventures Kickstarter campaign closed on Dec. 2, 2019 at 130% funded.  There's no way this could have happened without your support and we'd like to thank everyone for their vision and patience. Like any real adventure, this is only the beginning of another chapter.  Now the work starts on our end to collect any needed information to fulfill campaign promises. It takes a couple weeks for the Kickstarter process to wrap up, but in the meantime most of you will be receiving a survey to help us fulfill promises. We'll keep everyone posted along the way with production updates,...

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Far-Rider KS Launch Intro

Far-Rider Moto Adventures Launches Kickstarter Campaign

ADVMoto is excited to launch our first comic project on Kickstarter: "Far-Rider Moto Adventures Comic - New Beginnings" Far-Rider: Moto Adventures (Far-Rider) is the original adventure motorcycle comic. A 36 page full color book which follows Scott Parson as he explores himself and the world through riding. Created and published by ADVMoto, Far-Rider brings the amazing triumphs and tragedies of adventure to everyone, whether they ride or not. If you've ever wondered what it's like to "give up" a "stable" life for the great-unknown, Far-Rider is for you! 5 Reasons Why Far-Rider Rocks! Comics...

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