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Far-Rider Moto Adventures (Far-Rider) is the original adventure motorcycle comic.  A 36 page full color book which follows Scott Parson as he explores himself and the world through riding.
Created and published by ADVMoto Magazine, the world's oldest and independent adventure motorcycle publication, Far-Rider brings the amazing triumphs and tragedies of adventure to everyone, whether they ride or not.  

• "Far-Ride" Comic Shorts

Welcome to "Far-Ride" short comics!  Different from Far-Rider, which is our comic book series, the Far-Ride is a series of bi-weekly 1-3 panel comics highlighting the community antics of the adventure motorcycling world.

Writen by ADVMoto Magazine Publisher Carl Parker, and drawn by Neil Kohney, we hope you find them funny and would LOVE to hear your ideas or reactions here.

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> Video <

The Far-Rider Project

Far-Rider Moto Adventures tells how overland adventure motorcycling can have a profound impact on people's lives. It follows the story of the main character, Scott Parson, who transforms into a world adventurer. Far-Rider depends on the intensity of what can actually happen during adventures to provide a strong story line.

Adventure, itself, does not need a lot of fantasy or heavy stretches of reality to be interesting, moving and authentic. Thanks for your support and we hope that you'll follow along with us on our adventure.

> Story <

One Rainy Night...

...in the mountains of South America, Jason Parson gets into an accident, knocked unconscious  and wakes up in a hospital at home with his wife (Lydia) and son (Scott) by his side.

New Beginnings...

Not knowing what happened to his father and also not happy with his current situation, Scott embarks on the journey of his life.    

New Life and Friends...

Scott learns to ride and is helped along by Mike, Jason's close friend and fellow veteran rider. Mike's daughter Lily, is an old high school acquaintance and kick-ass racer who's there to pick Scott up when he needs help.

Eventually, he sets off to discover what happened to his father and  opens his eyes to tragedy, overcoming, the trials of humanity and what really is important in life. 

> Crew <

• Carl Parker

— Creator —

As a publisher, photographer, graphic artist and writer, Carl has not only published ADVMoto Magazine in print and digital for the past 10 years, but also released the second ever solo recorded and produced adventure riding film called The Return: Riding Western China in 2007 which also features story telling illustrations. 

"Adventure has the potential to profoundly change peoples' lives through the struggles and joys of expanding horizons. It makes people more adaptable, confident, aware, considerate and grateful for the blessings they have in life. It's easy to forget the most distilled forms of happiness in the everyday hustle, and Far-Rider takes a look at this."  - Carl Parker  

• Deniz Gulmez

— Artist —

Fascinated by the 90’s era American comics and Japanese Samurai themed Manga, he collaborated as one of the artists in the Kickstarter project THE UNSPEAKABLE TEXT, and he has done many promo art and covers for musicians, books, magazines and small businesses.

"In the past, I’ve mostly worked on superhero action and flashy pinup illustrations, and now I’m excited to work on Far-Rider because it has highly relatable characters with real life struggles and they are having an amazing journey in incredible landscapes. As they discover themselves and this beautiful world we live in, I also discover myself as an artist and improve myself with every page. I want this work to be the my best one yet and I want the readers eyes have a feast during this brilliant adventure." - Deniz Gulmez

> Consultants <

• Sam Manicom

— Creative Consultant —

Adventurer and author Sam Manicom has been travelling pretty much since his return to the UK from Africa with his parents. He was born in the Belgian Congo where his parents worked, and lived through the two rebellions that preceded the change of this West African country's name to Zaire.

"What a fantastic project this is. The whole concept is a buzz. I love how wonderfully original the idea is, and how the planned storylines are going to make Far Rider even more unique. There are plenty of tales of the unexpected in store for readers. It’s going to be a fine combination of entertainment and inspiration. I’m absolutely impressed with the quality of the work." - Sam Manicom

• Egle Gerulaityte

— Creative Consultant —

Egle is a motorcycle hobo, writer, blogger, rally tester, and motorcycle tour guide whose barely coherent ramblings can be found on ADVMoto Magazine's online blog, ADV Rider, and Women ADV Riders. Egle is riding around the world on her beat-up Suzuki DR650 on a quest to find new and amusing ways to tell stories, race, bring more women into the motorcycling world, and battle her crippling addiction to coffee and riding motorcycles.

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