Far-Rider's Amazing Industry Sponsors

We'd like to give a special thanks to our industry partners who believe in the Far-Rider vision. On top of pledging to be the “Big Timer” supporter for our KickStarter campaign, they also offered great prizes to other backers. Below are some of the cool prizes they offer:


• SWMotech Baracuda Waterproof Backpack ($170)  and DENALI SoundBomb ($50) from Twisted Throttle ($200)


Twisted Throttle specializes in motorcycle accessories, electronics, crash protection, apparel, luggage & more. They are ADV motorcycle experts carrying most trusted products / brands on the market. TwistedThrottle.com


• 1x TB-2 Enduro Tank Back ($145) and 1x TB-3 Blackhawk Tankbag ($190)


Wolfman Luggage, one of the most trusted names in motorcycle luggage, has undergone an amazing transformation for 2020, reinventing an entire line of bags. This is as fresh as rewards come. WolfmanLuggage.com


• Mosko Moto 35L Backcountry Pannier Set with Extra Pockets ($850)


Mosko Moto's innovative designs have taken the ADV community by storm.  Focused on taking soft-luggage to its limits, Mosko Moto offers top notch luggage solutions for big or small bikes. Many are usable in other outdoor activities as well. MoskoMoto.com

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